There is no reason why battery performance has to come at the expense of the environment. And sustainability shouldn't be expensive.

That's why our CUBICWATT batteries are designed to be net positive, giving back more than they take.

We use only functional and minimal resources and ensure that every battery is recycled to reduce the consumption of extracted raw materials.

To encourage recycling, we offer a 50% take-back fee to ensure batteries return to us at the end of their life cycle. We then reactivate them with the latest technology and innovation and give them a second life.

Batteries made from batteries

No battery lasts forever, but we are committed to ensuring that batteries get a second life. By recovering and recycling batteries at the end of their life cycle, we reduce the demand for new materials and move closer to closing the battery loop.

Solar energy 100%
CUBICWATT production facilities always run 100% on rooftop solar energy.

By 2030, half of what goes into new CUBICWATT cells will come from old batteries.

The real challenge is to do it well and quickly.
Sustainability goes beyond carbon footprints and emissions, and for batteries it starts with the raw materials that make them.

We source our raw materials according to international standards and best practices, and we even have our own standards to ensure our supply chain is free from corruption and harm to people or the planet.

And when we're not extracting new materials, we recycle old materials through our world-first recycling setup, reducing our consumption of fresh raw materials.


At Cubic Watt we take a circular approach to battery production that reduces waste and protects the environment. Our state-of-the-art technology allows us to recycle valuable metals from end-of-life batteries and reprocess them into production, reducing the need for raw materials and lowering costs.

We are committed to setting the gold standard for battery manufacturing and creating a cleaner, more sustainable future for generations to come.