Earn money with a home battery and dynamic charging

Discover the financial benefits of dynamic charging with our innovative system, where your home battery not only stores energy, but also becomes a profitable energy instrument. By taking advantage of price fluctuations in the energy market, dynamic charging can reduce your energy costs and even generate profits.

Here are the top ways our dynamic charging system can help you make money from your home battery:

Smart Energy Sales: Our system is designed to charge your home battery during off-peak hours, when electricity is cheaper. As soon as energy prices rise, your battery can sell the stored electricity back to the grid. So you benefit from peak hours by selling energy when the price is highest.

Energy trading: Our system makes smart energy trading possible. You can buy energy when the price is low and store it to sell later when the price is higher, making a profit on the price fluctuations.

Balancing services: Grid operators need flexibility to keep the energy grid in balance. By using dynamic charging, your home battery can contribute to balancing the grid. Network operators are willing to pay for this service, which provides an additional source of income.

Dynamic charging enables you to make smart use of your home battery, not only for energy storage, but also as a tool to actively participate in the energy market. Become part of this green movement and start making money with dynamic charging today!